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  Buying neckties for your wedding might seem daunting but we can make it easier for you with some simple advice.

Wedding Shopping
First, from our experience, most brides-to-be and groomsmen really believe that they need to shop for ties to match the bridesmaid dresses.  While this may seem appropriate, it's an age related myth rather than the practical thing to do.

Allow us to explain
Most people that believe that matching the bridesmaid dresses for a wedding are typically on the younger side of the spectrum.  This is generally as a result of when matching a tie to your dates' prom dress was the thing to do (it really wasn't but who knew) and as such the memory lingers and so come your wedding day planning - and you want to now match the neckties to the bridesmaid dresses.


As part of our research, we have asked several large regional photographic studios to review some of their wedding pictures and pick the portraits that they themselves liked the best relative to composition, wedding attire style, and wedding attire colors.

The results were shocking!

On the whole, of the 6 photographic studios we surveyed, everyone unanimously agreed that while the subjects who wore matching neckties seemed neat - the resulting portraits all seemed contrived.

On the other hand - again the same photographic studios all unanimously agreed again, that wedding pictures whose subjects wore neckties that complimented the bridesmaid dresses, the portraits all came out looking elegant.

The difference between looking contrived or elegant is enough to warrant serious consideration.

Therefore, when shopping for wedding neckties, we have the following tips:

Color Selection

Look for colors that compliment rather than match.  As an example black compliments almost everything, and the resulting look is always elegant.

Another example might be complimenting light lime bridesmaid dresses with a darker lime color.


Compliment dark burgundy bridesmaid dresses with a variation of a pink or lighter color burgundy.



Most department stores will have a wonderful selection but, whether you are shopping an online store or a brick and mortar department store, be aware that they may not necessarily have the quantity you desire on hand.


The most common reason for this is that most manufacturers will not always supply multiple quantities of the same necktie simply because they are unwilling to make big bets on styles and colors.  On the other hand, neckties in solid colors are always in vogue and therefore, if what you like is a solid color, your chances are pretty good at finding multiple quantities - not so with patterns and stripes.

Our experience has been that most online stores are more than willing to accommodate special orders for weddings.  Therefore, if you shop online and find a necktie that you like, before you buy just ask if the necktie is available in multiple quantities.  Most smaller online stores will be more than happy to coordinate the availability of the necktie with the manufacturer.

In conclusion, while the whole process may seem daunting, the rules are pretty straight forward if you approach the search knowing what to expect.




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