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How To Make a Dimple
For Your Necktie

Dimple  A necktie dimple does something to the look of a finished necktie knot.  Dimples seem to add that last touch of finesse and luxury to neckties.  You know exactly what we mean because every time you see someone wearing a tie with that dimple you always seem to think how elegant that look is for that necktie. 

We can show you very quickly how easy a necktie dimple is made.

Make a Dimple For Your Neckties

It's easy to dimple your necktie.  Just follow along.

After the last time you have slipped the large end of the necktie under the knot, right before you pull it all the way down... squeeze the necktie fabric into a "W" using what we call a "Two Finger Pinch".

Use your thumb to push on one side, while using your index finger to push the other side.  The fabric will fold to form the dimple - now pull the tie down to tighten the knot.



Squeeze like this:

Tie Dimple

See how easy that was?



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