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Buy neckties   If you want to shop for silk ties, we have some wonderful online, and traditional brick & mortar stores that we believe you'll enjoy shopping.

Here they are in alphabetical order...

When you're looking for classic styles, Ben Silver has been one of favorites for quite some time.  The Ben Silver neckties are different - very stylish and colorful, yet very traditional.  The silk is all woven in England or Italy and delivers a beautifully well made and tailored necktie.

Ben Silver


If you're looking for English silk ties, there is no better store than Charles Tyrwhitt in London.  This fabulous store is packed with men's neckties which are all made of English silk and are bursting with color and just a little attitude.

Charles Tyrwhitt


If you're looking for business silk ties, look no further.  The Signature Joseph A. Bank brand is made exclusively for them and the ties are truly superb.  Rich in textures and colors, these silk ties are truly a businessman's staple.

Jos. A. Bank


When you're looking for designer brands, Macy's always comes through.  However, of all the brands they carry, we really like their in house Tasso Elba brand for neckties.



Most of the beautiful luxury brands that Nordstrom carries can't be found in other stores.  No wonder, they own Faconnable, a beautiful brand, and their vendors, are pretty restrictive - if they sell to Nordstrom, they typically won't supply many other stores.  For exclusive designer brands such as their own John W. Nordstrom brand and many others - this store is the place to shop and worth every penny.



We love Paul Fredrick silk ties.  We have generally found so many beautiful ties every time we have shopped there that we usually can't decide on just one or two.  The Paul Fredrick silk ties are very much appropriate for business and we certainly recommend owning a few just to keep on hand.  Paul Fredrick

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