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  Described below is an introduction to the different necktie patterns.

We all have heard about styles like the Foulard pattern necktie, the English regimental stripe necktie, and the American regimental stripe necktie, but we never really know what they are - right?

At last...(because you really need to know - life somehow doesn't seem complete without this knowledge)...are the differences between all the neckties patterns.

Notice how the English stripes slant in a different direction from the American style.

Can you tell what each of these neckties are?

Solid Color Neckties

Solid Color

Solid color neckties are - well obvious.  all solid color neckties are one color and are an easy way to match or compliment any outfit.

Foulard Necktie


The foulard pattern is generally a neat geometric repeating pattern and is appropriate for business or other formal settings.

Pin Dot Necktie

Pin Dot

A pin dot necktie is generally a pattern of very small tiny repeating dots over the entire necktie.  The pin dot necktie makes a wonderful compliment to a striped or solid color shirt.

Regimental Stripes

English Regimental
Striped Necktie

Stop and take a close look at this pattern. The English regimental stripes are diagonally placed from the lower left to the upper right.

Polka Dot Tie

Polka Dot

Polka dot neckties generally have a pattern of either neat or scattered large dime shaped polka dots.  The polka dot necktie goes well with a plaid or checkered shirt because of the contrast in patterns that it creates.

Repp Tie

Repp Striped

A repp necktie is really a weave and not a pattern.  A repp weave is a subtly raised weave which creates a ribbing - or a texture which then a pattern of stripes is woven into.  The repp necktie is more about weight and feel, though it does create a wonderful depth to the finished tie.

Regimental Striped Neckties

American Regimental
Striped Necktie

Look closely at this pattern and you will notice that the American version of the regimental striped tie has diagonal stripes running from the upper left to the lower right.  This pattern is the reverse of the English regimental pattern seen above.

College Neckties

University Striped Necktie
Also Known As The College Tie

The university striped necktie has a pattern of diagonal stripes in equal size.  Every stripe is the same size, but generally every other other stripe has a color much like you see in this illustration of a navy blue tie with white stripes.  The university striped tie is another staple for the businessman.

Novelty Neckties

The Novelty Necktie

The novelty necktie, well - you know - has nothing serious about it but rather has a fun or whimsical image.  These neckties while not always appropriate for every office, are a nice touch for every wardrobe.

We hope this chart clears up some of the mystery on necktie styles and patterns.  Your life is complete!  Now that you have a fairly good idea on how to tell the different necktie patterns apart - go out and purchase one or two neckties to wear.

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