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And Trends In Neckties

  For Spring 2011, we attended some more men's accessories trade shows and have noticed some necktie trends which we think are fairly interesting.

We hope that the above illustration for a Four in Hand knot helps - this knot is very easy to make and a very popular one too because it make an asymmetrical knot but when you add the dimple to this knot it looks picture perfect!


Neckties Widths
Necktie widths remain the same.  For starters, neckties are now cut to 3 different sizes, and within those sizes, there seems to be some slight variations as well.

The "executive size" seems to be a full cut necktie.  Full cut we describe as 3.75 inches at the widest part of the tip.  This size seems to be still the most popular width.

However, there are some necktie designers that have been progressing... and we say progressing, because while there is no big commitment yet, these designers are inching to a narrower cut.

Some necktie designers like Perry Ellis, DKNY, and Nautica, are now producing their ties just a bit slimmer.  Some popular necktie sizes seem to include a "Skinny" size which is about 2.75 inches and a "Slim" size which is anywhere from 3.00 to 3.25 inches in width.

And, lastly - one necktie manufacturer is still promoting, after several years, the little black tie - just like women refer to their little black dress.  This particular tie is somewhat even narrower than the slimmer ones.

So... there you have it, executive, slimmer, & narrower...

You be the judge.  If you like the look - wear it.

Colors seem to be gravitating to brighter and more livelier.  Colors like magenta, and varying pinks with lime green seem to be very much gaining traction.

Popular Color Combinations
Several years ago, a popular color combination was brown and pink.  This combination has not survived along with the teal and brown.  In 2010, the popular combination was brown and rust paired with a pale blue. For spring and summer 2011 look for a lot of lime green and oranges certainly vivid pinks and pale blues.

Look out for polka dots!!  Dots are in but so are flowers, floral patterns and yes- paisley.

We have certainly noticed that neckties seem to be somewhat mixed in styles.  There is still no one style that is more pervasive than another.  However, having said that, tie manufacturers have been talking about resizing neckties to a narrower cut.  If this trend does begin to gain traction, you will read about it first here.




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