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How To Tie
The Four In Hand Knot
And Animation

  Our favorite necktie knot is the Four in Hand.  The reason we love this knot is because it's easy to make in just 5 easy steps and it produces a wonderful necktie dimple!

Shown below are instructions on how to make the Four In Hand knot.

How To Tie
The Four In Hand
Necktie Knot
Free How To Tie A Tie Animation

Step 1

Step 1

Start with the wide end "A" and extend it about 12 inches below narrow end "B". Now cross the wide end "A" over narrow end "B".


Step 2

Step 2

Now, turn the wide end "A" back underneath the narrow end "B".


Step 3

Step 3

Continue by bringing the wide end "A" back over in front of the narrow end "B" again. Do not pull tight as you want the wide end "A" to ride along the narrow end "B" in a later step.

Step 4

Step 4

Now, pull the wide end "A" up, behind, and through the loop around your neck.

Step 5

Step 5

Now, hold the front of the knot loosely with your index finger and thumb and bring wide end "A" down through front loop. As you pull through, slide your index finger under the knot and begin to tighten the knot and squeezing the sides of the knot - this will begin to form the dimple.

Step 5

The Tie Dimple
Step 6

Remove your finger from under the knot and squeeze the bottom of the knot to form a tiny channel right underneath the knot. That is your dimple. Now tighten the knot carefully to collar by holding narrow end "B" and sliding the knot up. Fluff up the two sides of tie under the knot on either side of the channel. This is the finishing touch to that tiny dimple with the fluffed up sides.

We hope that the above illustration for a Four in Hand knot helps - this knot is very easy to make and a very popular one too because it make an asymmetrical knot but when you add the dimple to this knot it looks picture perfect!




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